Hot Topic: Online Dating E-Books Can Be Big Sellers For You

Topic Idea: “Online Dating” Attracts Big Audience, Fill The Demand With Hot-Selling Digital Books In This Niche


There is an overwhelming desire to gain new friends, find companionship, love and romance.

In the Internet Age, online dating has revolutionized the way people fall in love. People don’t want to feel lonely. In our hustle and bustle world, online dating helps connect like-minded adults.

Whether they are looking for friendship or sex, this type of ebook can help people find the right person … or it can help them avoid the wrong person and save them heartache!

Here are keywords people plug into search engines to find direction and more information on this topic. Follow these keyword phrases like breadcrumbs to find hot topics and sellable e-book niche subjects:


online dating

free dating sites

dating websites


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online dating tips for men

american singles

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top 10 dating sites

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internet dating sites



Crafting Your Ebook Title For An Internet Dating Ebook:

Potential titles for this ebook could be modeled after these previous samples keyword phrases popular with the general public. Often, by combining at least two urgent keyword phrases, the publisher can create a title that gets noticed.

Here are seven example titles to consider:


Local Dating: How To Find Love In Your Own Hometown

Single Sites and Sex: What You Need To Beware Of

Online Dating Tips For Men

Online Dating Tips For Women

Dating Profiles: What You’re Sharing With Stalkers, Identity Thieves and Crazies Could Cost You

Dating Tips: The Essence Of Charm Online

Senior Dating: How To Find The Next Love Of Your Life





Here are websites and information sheets that you can research for more information on Internet dating


It is important to note that .gov websites generally have content that is deemed public domain, and you are free to re-write and publish the information as you see fit. This can be a double-edged sword. You must carefully research your sources; it is your responsibility to publish accurate information without infringing on another’s copyright. Do not use other website content, i.e. form commercial sources, verbatim. It is permissible to quote brief extracts; however, it is better to do your own research and write your own copy. Consult with a legal expert well versed in copyright law if you have questions or concerns about sources you wish to rely on when publishing your ebook on this topic.

Here are derivative search phrases closely related to this topic. These phrases may help you narrow down the niche target for your ebook. Likewise, these phrases could make excellent chapter headings for your ebook.


online dating advice

online dating websites

online dating reviews

online dating statistics

online dating tips

online dating pros and cons

online dating articles

best online dating sites

Book Description Suggestions:


The ‘Book Description Worksheet’ can help you brainstorm how to describe how your Internet dating guidebook will help the ultimate reader. You can download a free copy of this worksheet from this website.

What niche of Internet dating does your book focus on? (25 words or less)

List five reasons why that is important, and why a reader new to Internet dating will want to buy your book to learn the pros and cons of this topic? (Note: Not why readers NEED to buy your book…. Why would they WANT to buy your book?)

What is the “pay off” – the ultimate benefit – your reader will be able to take away from reading and applying the tips and techniques about Internet dating?

Why will this be important to the reader? Specifically describe how your book will solve the problem of loneliness, things to be wary of, potential risks and possible rewards when it comes to Internet dating.

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Write and Sell An E-Book That Helps Shoppers Save Money At The Grocery Store

Topic Idea: When Readers Search For “Save Money On Groceries” Why Not Write The E-Book They Need


No matter what the government says about inflation being under control, the cost of living keeps going up, and consumers feel the pain the most when they are shopping at the grocery store.

In response, they turn to the Internet to find ways to save money on foods, household cleaning supplies, and even to download free printable coupons that can help them stretch their paycheck further. With a little imagination, you’ll detect related niches where “saving money” on this or that product or service would make an interesting and profitable book.

Write down those ideas; they might lead to a viable book nobody but you can publish! Here are keywords that they search for when looking for ways to save money at the grocery store


save money on groceries

printable coupons

healthy snacks

coupon mom


extreme couponing

grocery coupons

free coupons

how to save money

grocery list

grocery outlet

money saving mom

healthy foods

coupon suzy

free printable coupons

healthy meals

manufacturer coupons


frugal living


healthy dinner ideas

make money from home

i need money

smart source


healthy living

easy money

easy healthy recipes

eating healthy

how to eat healthy

ways to save money

making money online

healthy diet

make money

low fat diet

coupon clippers

printable grocery coupons

diet foods

healthy snack ideas

healthy dinners

healthy recipes for dinner

free food

online grocery shopping

money management

cheap healthy meals

earn money online

coupon websites

healthy foods to eat

how to make easy money

money making ideas

grocery delivery

coupons printable

saving money

healthy easy recipes

making money

manufacturers coupons

healthy lunches

how to make fast money

money saving tips

how to earn money fast

easy healthy meals

how to earn money online

how to make more money

save money

printable coupon

making money from home

food lion coupons

free food coupons

how to save money fast

how to earn money

grocery game

free grocery coupons

healthy meal ideas


budgeting tips

the grocery game

eating healthy on a budget

how to get money

groceries online

make money blogging

low fat foods

coupons for groceries

free printable grocery coupons

saving money tips

best way to save money

foods to avoid

make money online free

healthy cooking

balanced diet

make money at home

eat healthy

how to manage your money

how to budget your money

simple healthy recipes

healthy shopping list

print coupons

healthy eating recipes

how can i make money


grocery shopping

ideas to make money

free money online

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best ways to save money

organic coupons

healthy foods to lose weight

earn money from home

energy saving tips

grocery prices

grocery store coupons

printable grocery list

campbells soup coupons

healthy recipe

how to eat healthy on a budget

healthy eating tips

family budget

grocery shopping online

good diets

how to save money on groceries

easy ways to save money

free coupons for groceries

pathmark coupons

tips on saving money

grocery coupons printable

coupons for food

money saver

make money now

free online coupons

money management tips

healthy recipies

eating right

online money making

extreme coupons

tightwad gazette

earn money

earn money fast

suzy coupon

healthy family meals

tips for saving money

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how to save

free coupons online

quick healthy recipes

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healthy meal recipes

healthy diet recipes

healthy eating habits

healthy cooking recipes

printable manufacturer coupons

grocery ads

save money tips

make easy money

online grocery coupons

healthy meal

how to manage money

online printable coupons

healthy food choices

coupons for grocery

eating healthy tips

free groceries

ways to save energy

healthy meals to lose weight

money making

good diet

free manufacturer coupons

how to save energy

how to save water

earn money online free

free coupons to print

coupons grocery

making money on the internet

how make money

saving advice

printable food coupons

health recipes

frugal living tips



Crafting Your Ebook Title For A Money-Saving Ebook:

While the keywords above are focused on saving money while shopping at the grocery store, put your imagination in overdrive and think up related money-saving topics, like saving money on electronic gadgets, on a new car, on a new home. Potential titles for this sort of ebook could be modeled after these previous samples keyword phrases popular with the general public. Often, by combining at least two urgent keyword phrases, the publisher can create a title that gets noticed.

Here are seven example titles to consider:


Shopper’s Guide To Bargains At The Grocery Store

12 Ways You Can Beat The High Cost Of Living

Free Printable Coupons: Where To Find Them, How To Use Them To Stretch Your Inflated Money

Frugal Living Tips In The Grocery Aisle

Easy Tips To Stretch Your Food Budget

The Grocery Game: How To Save Money With Free Coupons For Groceries

Shopping At A Grocery Outlet: How To Slash Your Family’s Food Bill



Here are websites and information sheets that you can research for more information on saving money when shopping




It is important to note that .gov websites generally have content that is deemed public domain, and you are free to re-write and publish the information as you see fit. Be careful though. Some .gov websites have been outsourced and the contractor retains copyright over the content, the photos and sometimes even the formatting. This type of content can be a double-edged sword. You must carefully research your sources; it is your responsibility to publish accurate information without infringing on another’s copyright. Do not use other website content, i.e. from commercial sources, verbatim. It is permissible to quote brief extracts; however, it is better to do your own research and write your own copy. Consult with a legal expert well versed in copyright law if you have questions or concerns about sources you wish to rely on when publishing your e-book on this topic.

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How To Write An E-Book On Hot-Selling ‘Reduce Fat’ and ‘Lose Weight’ Topics

Topic Idea: Self-Publish E-Books On Subjects “Reduce Fat” and “Lose Weight” To Help People Eager To Be Thinner, Feel More Self-Confident, and Be Proud of Their Successful Weight Loss


I grouped these two terms together because they are so closely related when people go online to find more information or to buy products that can help them satisfy their urge to be thinner, feel better, look sexier, fit into their clothes – a whole host of objectives driving them to satisfy this urge.

These two topics are evergreen: that is, the desire to lose weight, look thinner, and reduce body fat will never be satisfied. Even when people have a bookshelf full of these types of books, they often will buy more. If you have know-how on helping people lose weight or reduce fat, based on your own experience or education, you will have an addicted market to sell to for many years when you research, write and self-publish an e-book (or a series of e-books) which relate to this niche.

To help get you started, I’ve included a list of keywords people actually use to find more information to accomplish their dream of losing weight or reducing fat. Knowing which keywords to research will help you target the best information to include, as well as the most popular topics to include in your final draft.


reduce fat

how to lose weight fast

how to lose weight

weight loss

how to lose belly fat

lose weight fast

diet plans

weight loss pills

diet pills

weight loss calculator


fat burning foods

weight loss tips

how to gain weight



best way to lose weight

belly fat

losing weight

slim fast

fastest way to lose weight

best weight loss pills

weight loss programs

lose belly fat

lose weight

how to lose belly fat fast

how to gain weight fast

foods that burn fat

quick weight loss

flat belly diet

how to lose weight fast for women

weight loss supplements

fat burners

weight loss surgery

how to burn belly fat

how to lose stomach fat

best fat burner

fast weight loss

healthy diet

how to lose body fat

losing belly fat

lose belly fat fast

weight loss foods

rapid weight loss

quickest way to lose weight

weight loss plans

ways to lose weight

losing weight fast

ways to lose weight fast

belly fat cure

easy ways to lose weight

belly fat diet

diet plan

green tea weight loss

foods that burn belly fat

how to lose belly fat in a week

get rid of belly fat

how to lose weight quickly

best way to burn fat

exercises to lose belly fat

what to eat to lose weight

lose weight in a week

how to burn fat

fat burner

how to loose weight fast

how to loose weight

weight loss diet

how to lose fat

best exercise to lose weight

fat burning pills


acupuncture for weight loss

fat burner pills

quick weight loss diets

yoga for weight loss

how to lose belly fat fast for women

i need to lose weight

fast ways to lose weight

belly fat burner

how to lose belly fat for women

lose weight in 2 weeks

best ways to lose weight

easiest way to lose weight

burn belly fat

how to lose stomach fat fast

ways to lose belly fat

fat loss

weight loss plan

exercises to lose weight

diet tips

fat belly

how to lose fat fast

getting rid of belly fat

best diet to lose weight fast

how can i lose weight

tips to lose weight

lose stomach fat

exercise to lose belly fat


laser fat removal

fast weight loss diet

best diet to lose weight

losing weight tips

quick weight loss tips

weight loss diet plan

how to reduce belly fat

dieting tips

belly fat burning foods

natural weight loss

burn fat

stomach fat

weight management

loose weight

fat burning exercises

exercise to lose weight

burn fat fast

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belly fat exercises

weight loss program

how to burn fat fast

weight loss tips for women

how to loose belly fat

natural fat burners

fastest way to burn fat

fat burners for women

fat burning diet

diets to lose weight

lose weight without exercise

best fat burners

weight loss drugs

weight loss products

loose weight fast

fat loss diet

easy weight loss

exercises for belly fat

tips for losing weight

lose weight quickly

diet to lose weight fast

lose fat fast

weight loss diets

reduce belly fat

fast weight loss tips

exercise for weight loss

quick weight loss diet

fat stomach

weight loss exercise

best exercises to lose belly fat

diet to lose belly fat

i want to lose weight

how to reduce body fat

foods for weight loss

loosing weight

fat fast

how do i lose weight

how to maintain weight

diet to lose weight

what to eat to lose belly fat

burn belly fat fast

fat burning

fat burning furnace

weight loss fast

lose stomach fat fast

best exercise for belly fat

lose fat

how can i lose belly fat

losing stomach fat

how to lose tummy fat

home remedies for weight loss

workouts to lose belly fat

best diet to lose belly fat


fat burners for men

acai berry weight loss

how to lose your stomach

how do i lose belly fat

how to put on weight

weight control

how do you lose belly fat

loose belly fat

best diet for weight loss

burn stomach fat

weight lose


Crafting Your Ebook Title For Weight Loss/Fat Reduction:

Potential titles for this ebook could be modeled after these previous samples keyword phrases popular with the general public. Often, by combining at least two urgent keyword phrases, the publisher can create a title that gets noticed.

Here are seven example titles to consider:


How Much Weight To Lose To Reduce Body Fat

How To Burn Fat Fast and Lose Weight

Choose Fat Burn Or Cardio To Lose Weight?

What To Eat To Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Treadmill Workouts For Weight Loss Fat Burn

Foods To Eat To Burn Fat Fast

Fat Burn vs Weight Loss: Which One Is Right For You?



Book Description Suggestions:


Use the worksheet below to brainstorm how to describe your book on weight loss/fat reduction in a way that highlights its benefits to the ultimate reader.


What is the main promise your book on weight loss, diet, or fat reduction makes to reader? (25 words or less)

List five reasons why the typical reader will want to buy your book to learn how to lose weight, reduce fat, live a healthy life? (Note: Not why readers NEED to buy your book…. Why would they WANT to buy your book?)

What is the “pay off” – the ultimate benefit – your reader will be able to take away from reading and applying the tips and techniques you share about fat reduction/weight loss?

Why will this be important to the reader? Specifically describe how your book will solve their problem, bring them in sight of their weight management goals, and how will they feel when they reach them?


Here are websites and information sheets that you can research to find more information on weight loss, diet and reducing body fat:,,20553780,00.html


It is important to note that .gov websites generally have content that is deemed public domain, and you are free to re-write and publish the information as you see fit. As mentioned elsewhere, be careful you are not infringing on a sub-contractor’s copyrighted work.


Always remember that you must carefully research your sources; it is your responsibility to publish accurate information without infringing on another’s copyright. Do not use other website content, i.e. from commercial sources, verbatim. It is permissible to quote brief extracts; however, it is better to do your own research and write your own copy.


Don’t risk it. Consult with a legal expert well versed in copyright law if you have questions or concerns about sources you wish to rely on when publishing your e-book on this topic.

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KDP Sales Hold Steady, KU Borrows Drop From February to March

It may be just my sales. But I quit Kindle Unlimited/Kindle Select in early 2015; it was back when I noticed a steep 50% drop in Kindle Unlimited borrows from 28 days in Febrary 2015 compared with 30 days in March 2015. Fifty percent was huge. Could this be a sign that users are no longer interested in keeping their KU subscriptions active?

Meanwhile, although February sales were down slightly from January, February to March sales stayed fairly consistent. In my own case, sales were down 3.4% in March when compared to February sales. And that’s counting 2 additional days of sales (30 days in March; 28 days in Febrary). On March 31 I reduced my selling price on my top sellers from $3.99 to $2.99, in an effort to determine if the $2.99 pricing would spur sales. I lost about 70 cents on each sale by dropping the price $1.00 per unit. Ultimately, I dropped out of the KU program. It just didn’t seem worth it to me.

My results likely differ from other authors. My e-books are non-fiction, not genre fiction, a hot niche on the KDP platform these days.

The beauty of non-fiction, though, is that it appeals to people who have urgent desires to learn something new or solve a problem. Fiction is an entirely different type of e-book. I believe fiction authors have a much harder time marketing their work, as they need to build an audience and a brand, while my non-fiction ranks high in niche keyword searches on Amazon and Google searches. Thus, Kindle Unlimited might just be what they need to build an audience for their work.

I’ve come to the conclusion that sales and borrows are two different customer groups. I feel my borrows of my e-books were by readers who seldom/never would pay for Kindle books, but love to have an “all-you-can-read” option with Kindle Unlimited. Likewise, my sales have continued to be strong from that other group (God Bless Them!) that are willing to pay $3-$5 for good quality information.



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Before You Type A Single Word, Find Out What Types Of Books Sell Best

When you create nonfiction ‘How-To’ or ‘Self-Help’ titles, the best way to be successful (that is, sell lots of e-books and earn a fair profit) is to discover what potential readers are looking for, research the solutions, compile the answers, write up the step-by-step plans, and then create/format/illustrate/upload/promote your e-book yourself.

With nonfiction you do not entertain; you offer solutions to problems.



If you were going to invent something, wouldn’t you put all your energy and your intelligence and sweat labor into inventing something people actually needed and couldn’t wait to purchase?

Well, that’s what I do. In my opinion, nonfiction, self-help, “how-to-do-it-yourself” e-books will tend to sell better, longer, and at a higher price point than any other type of digital product.

Before you waste time choosing the wrong e-book to research, write, edit, publish and promote, follow these two simple rules to determine your best options by writing in your notebook answers to these questions and exercises meant to get the creative ideas flowing:


  1. Ask yourself: “What do I love to do?” The answers will lead you to consider what you’re passionate about in life, work, play and relationships. By being passionate about something, you’ll find the energy you’ll need to follow through on a subject long enough to dig up the information, compile, craft and distribute your work to others who are able and willing to pay for this information.
  2. Write down five 3-5 word phrases like “work from home” or “natural acne remedies” or “how to stop smoking fast” that relate to the things you love to do. Type them the way you speak them. Some will be winners, some will not. Your key to success is eliminating the keyword phrases that have low demand/high supply (that is, not many people looking for them and/or too many webpages competing for a high ranking on that particular keyword). Another factor in your decision making process will be how valuable your keywords will be. It’s nice to rank high in the search engine results for your keyword… but if no one is buying in that category or advertisers are not spending money on ads in those search results, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree with you e-book efforts and you’ll likely spend a lot of time writing an e-book that few people are needing. If they don’t need it they’re not going to spend money on it. And charging for your e-book is the only way you’ll make steady cash in this business.

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New Promotional Services Popping Up To Make Your Kindle Books Easier To Find

This past week there’s been a lot of chatter in writer’s forums about, which promises to make your books more discoverable.

The interesting part of this is that the website promotion got ahead of them building the website. It seems to be a little buggy (they admit they’re still ironing out the kinks).

Their promise: to help more readers find (and hopefully buy) your book. Your part in this: List your book for $2.99 each per year (currently as they are still in beta, they say they are allowing authors to list their books for free.)

In their own words, here is their basic goal: “The plan is to get ‘lots’ of authors to list their books and then use this list to attract ‘lots and lots’ of readers.”

I don’t know how successful this new website service will be. There is a lot of speculation surrounding it. I can’t tell if it’s justified or simply hype. I wish this website lots of success in helping new self-published authors gain new exposure and sell more Kindle Books!

Online services like this portend new types of promotional businesses aimed at authors in the coming years: making your books more discoverable; helping you promote your books on the cheap; perhaps assisting in getting more positive reviews (they state they don’t review books, but the extra exposure may get more eyeballs and just maybe, more reviews, according to their website).

Here is how they are describing their new service…

The word is out and we’re wanting lots of authors to come on board to join us!

We know how it is when you’ve written a book, got some good reviews and now you’re languishing, way down in the Amazon bestseller lists. So how are your books going to get discovered? Let’s face it, if you’re not on the first page or two, your next reader is not going to come from someone browsing the bestseller lists.

Indie book Discovery is looking to give readers a simple way of browsing books in the hope of finding something different. It’s hoped that with a good list of books, we’ll be able to position ourselves as ‘the’ place for readers to find their next book.

We want to offer authors a different approach to getting their books out there to be discovered. This is a level playing field where every author has an opportunity for a reader to find their books. It doesn’t matter:
where you are in the best seller lists (our lists are randomised),
how many reviews you have (you cant filter our lists),
how many social media followers you have (the plan is that we’ll attract readers),
how much money you have to spend (there’s no ‘diddling’ of the lists so some authors get to the top ahead of others)
how many books you’ve written (this shouldn’t affect your discoverability),
… even the premium/promotional offerings we have planned will be geared to give all authors a chance (super cheap and fair).

First things first, we want authors to register and list their books… then we’ll see about getting the readers! Come and join us!


Here is the list of their FAQS I’ve found while purusing their website:

Getting Started as an Author FAQ

How does this work?

Register yourself as an author and you’ll be able to add your books to the lists to be discovered.

So how do I register?

You need to sign up/in and verify your email before you can register as an author.

Registration requires:

Sign Up/Sign In

Verify email

Hit the ‘Author Registration’ button to enter your author details!

Sign In or Sign Up

Why should I register as an author?

Indie Book Discovery is a way to get your books noticed. It doesn’t matter where your books are in the best-seller lists, at Indie Book Discovery your books will be listed in a random order to be discovered/noticed by readers and book browsers.

As well as getting your books listed, you’ll also get to list your website and social networking links to aid in your online presence.

Who should register as an author?

If you have books listed on Amazon, you should get them listed on Indie Book Discovery.

What can I do once I’ve registered as an author?

Options are available from the ‘Admin’ menu option or your ‘My Profile’ page, or of course from your Author page.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE to register as an author and while we build our author/book lists, there is no cost to list a book (it’s FREE). However, eventually there will be a nominal book subscription fee, $2.99USD per book per year (about the cost of a single coffee).

What do I get when I register a book?

You get your books listed on a website to be visited by readers looking for books, providing another avenue for your books to be discovered. Indie Book Discovery makes it easy for readers to click directly to your book on Amazon … hopefully to purchase.

The plan is to get ‘lots’ of authors to list their books and then use this list to attract ‘lots and lots’ of readers.

There’s also social networking links to help your book be shared too!
Soon, you’ll also be able to see metrics of how your book is doing on the site (how many times it’s been seen, clicked, etc).

Do you do reviews?

No… but people who do reviews, readers, browse Indie Book Discovery book lists looking for their next book.

I’ll keep my eye on this service and post updates as it emerges from beta, and share observations of indie authors who are using it to publicize their books.

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What’s In Your Pipeline?

Back when I earned my keep selling advertising, it was understood that you always needed new prospects, even when you had plenty of sales. That is, you had plenty of sales right now. Next month, you started over from zero. Not having any prospect halfway sold was like being out of business.

It is called keeping your pipeline full.

That holds true for self-publishing as well. No projects in the pipeline, no juice to keep your sales going.

Now, it you’re not writing to make money, then stop reading right now. This blog is for writers who treat what they publish as a business. If it’s a hobby for you, what I’m about to share will probably just irritate or annoy or outrage you, so skip this blog post.

For myself, I have come to the end of my author series, on how to sell more Kindle books, at least for the time being. I have the outline of a new ebook on how to gain more positive reviews and how to advertise your books for free, but those will move over and wait. My latest book will publish in March 2015, and will focus on helping the indie author find that missing spark, that magic formula if you will, to get started and complete everything you start.

And “The Magic Formula” is the basis of my next series of books. They’ll allow me to look at non-fiction self-help topics in a fresh way. I’ve got one ebook almost ready for final proofing. I’ve got several other titles in development. I’m filling the pipeline as we speak.

My goal has evolved to the point where I want to create a long-lasting, “evergreen” body of work, that will sell long after I’ve written it. That’s what I hope you, the reader, strive for too.

My topics will aim at self-help solutions. They will fall under the “Magic Formula” umbrella. Yes, they will be shorter than my current works. But they’ll offer up immediate solutions to everyday problems. The goal: once you read it, you can apply it; once you apply it, problem gone.

Yes… many would scoff at such an approach. But in my mind, people are buying Kindle books either for escape or personal solutions. They want fast ways to solve their problems. They need help. These new books will allow me to deliver that help. Quick and easy.

Back to the pipeline: by pushing this new series of ebooks forward, I can anticipate these new projects, work through them, get them published and move on to the next. They’ll be available both in paperback and in digital download formats. Having my pipeline full gives me a full plate to start working from.

The secret now is staying on track, keeping up with a full schedule, and knowing when to stick a fork in once book project, publish it and then move on to the next.

So what do you have in your pipeline?

Have you set up a series that needs to be finished?

Great. What then?

What have you got waiting in the wings?

What’s next?

Kindle book publishing is a simple process. Write what you want, push a button, and whoola! — your book is available to millions of readers on the world’s best bookselling platform, the Amazon website.

Once you’re finished with the book you’re currently writing, what will you write next?

If you’re not sure, then decide now what you will write next month, next year, five years from now, and do it today. Time will pass. Tomorrow — the day you put the hard stuff off to — is rushing toward you. Fill up your pipeline now to be ready when it arrives. Keep writing, keep learning, keep expanding your indie publishing bookshelf. You will succeed so long as you never quit!

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Pros and Cons Exist For Using A Pen Name

Using a pen name (“pseudonym” is the proper term) might keep your identity secret; but that doesn’t mean you won’t upset some people.

Here’s a forum where the subject of using a pen name when writing a non-fiction self-help book reveals stark differences of opinion that exist among authors.

I’ve always used my real name in my publishing projects.

I do have an old friend, though, who chose to publish under a pen name because the information he was wanting to release was in the industry he worked in at that time. Although most of his book was very generic, he did this to prevent his employer from accusing him of releasing trade secrets. (He didn’t.)

Here’s that link to the back-and-forth conversation between authors debating the reasons for and against using a pen name. Warning: some of the language can get pretty racy. Yet another clue that there are strong feelings among writers about the practice of using a pen name.

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European VAT Will Make Digital Books More Expensive, How It Will Hurt Authors, Publishers

I’ve never sold many of my Kindle books in the United Kingdom; perhaps I’ll gross $10-$17 a month. But recent changes in European tax law seem to be making it even harder to earn royalties on the website.

Here is post from Amazon on how the new VAT-inclusive pricing that kicked into effect Jan. 1, 2015 will affect readers, authors and publishers who sell e-books in countries where the company operates a Kindle Store:

On January 1, 2015, European Union (EU) tax laws regarding the taxation of digital products (including eBooks) will change: previously, Value Added Tax (VAT) was applied based on the seller’s country – as of January 1st, VAT will be applied based on the buyer’s country. As a result, starting on January 1st, KDP authors must set list prices to be inclusive of VAT.

You can read more about this on their website…

This new tax situation will effectively translate into about a 20% price hike for Kindle Book readers. In my opinion, this will hurt authors and publishers due to lost sales, and readers will have to be more choosy about the books they purchase. The VAT used to be just 3%, so the extra few pence in the UK didn’t seem to deter sales. I’m afraid that’s about to change. In December 2014, my sales of Kindle Books dropped to zero in the U.K. since this news spread across the Internet. Will this be as bad as I predicted …. or will it be worse?

Of course, the bright side of this might be that Kindle Unlimited borrowing in the UK will gain acceptance, as it allows subscribers to read as much as they can read (yes, they are limited to 10 ebooks at a time; but they can delete the ones they’ve read. It is just like checking out books from the library. You check them out, you read them, and then you take them back and check out more.)

I’ve found minor success with the Kindle Unlimited program, and I’ve renewed two of my titles through the month of February 2015 to take into account all the new Kindle e-book readers that will be given as gifts. I noticed in some of the holiday sales advertising online that 6 months of KU was being offered with some e-readers. That in itself might mean more borrow, more money, and more time for the Kindle Unlimited program to work itself out and prove it’s a long-term money-maker for authors.

Again, to get all the details about how the VAT-inclusive at Amazon.

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It’s Up To You To Sell Your Books. And That’s A Good Thing.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles at

In Chapter 7 of his book “Maximum Achievement,” Brian Tracy tells a story of his awakening to his own “Master Decision” in his early 20’s.

He finally realized, after much failure in his young life, that his ultimate success and happiness in life was totally up to him. As he recounts his epiphany:

… It suddenly dawned on me that everything that I would ever become was completely up to me. No one else was going to do it for me.

Even he wasn’t sure who originally said this quote, but it perfectly sums up what he and legions of others must conquer if they want to be successful: “True maturity only comes when you finally realize that no one is coming to the rescue.” (Page 200-201, “Maximum Achievement,” by Brian Tracy, published by Simon & Schuster)

That statement has stuck with me for the past 20 years since I first read it, and I hope it sticks with you too.

Far too many indie publishers and self-published authors seem to want somebody else to do the heavy lifting of marketing and promotion. I think it’s a good thing for authors that now they have to be responsible for all the things traditional publishers have promised to take care of in the past: proofreading, editing, printing, cover design, promotion, book tours, TV and radio interviews, cash advances to take the financial pressure off so an author can focus on writing. Those services are ‘pay-as-you-go’ these days as authors who choose to go it alone must take on tasks related to the business-side of writing.

Reminding yourself that “Nobody is coming to rescue me” is the first step to your accepting complete personal responsibility for your own writing and publishing career.

Another book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” by Eckhart Tolle, relates one of his stories about the Indian philosopher and teacher J. Krishnamurti, who told an audience his secret for happiness: “I don’t mind what happens.”

If you take this approach every day, reminding yourself, “I don’t mind what happens,” you’re likely to enjoy the moment, the space you are in, the journey you are on, the goals you are achieving when things go right, the lessons you are learning when things go wrong. When you don’t mind what happens, you are free to express your creativity and go with the flow of reality.

So, armed with these two approaches to finding your own way to success, happiness and contentment as a self-published writer seeking to sell more Kindle Books, take time to reflect on them when you wonder what to do next: First, telling yourself, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” And, next, taking the pressure off by telling yourself, “I don’t mind what happens.”

Third, it’s up to you to take action. No, like I’ve said before, you can’t do everything at once; but, you can do something at once. You can do ONE THING at once. Choose the “Next Thing” that you need to do, throw your whole self and attention and imagination into it, and never mind what anyone else things about it. Don’t allow your own fear of being judged by others stop you. Don’t allow your own fear of failure — or your own fear of success — stop you. Nobody will rescue you, and none of it matters. So do what you want with your writing, your books, your life. You’re free to express who you are and how you feel about it.

Like I said at the beginning, you are now totally responsible for selling your books to your readers. And that’s good. Get busy.

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