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Brevity Essential In The Creation Of Kindle Books

We first posted this in Oct. 2013. But these 3 items are still important to keep in mind when self-publishing:

  • Kindle books are short, to the point, brief instruction manuals which deliver advice directly, without fluff or filler. But brevity in writing Kindle books can often be difficult to achieve, because the natural quickness or slowness of a readers’ mind you are attempting to teach may be especially difficult to penetrate… and you won’t even know it until it’s too late.
  • Writing a how-to Kindle book is like giving driving directions with your eyes closed. Speaking with another person face to face, you can pace your spoken delivery to achieve understanding.
  • However, when you write your ebook with this type of reader in mind, you cannot see the reader or watch for signs of boredom, confusion or distraction; you must use imagination and calculate the circumference of how to relate your ideas in simple, understandable, step-by-step processes that will help every reader achieve his or her goal, whether that goal is to save time, save or make money, relieve pain or recover from disaster.

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Posted by Admin - March 15, 2014 at 8:10 am

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