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Before You Type A Single Word, Find Out What Types Of Books Sell Best

bestsellers-1656185_1280-pixabay-pdWhen you create nonfiction ‘How-To’ or ‘Self-Help’ titles, the best way to be successful (that is, sell lots of e-books and earn a fair profit) is to discover what potential readers are looking for, research the solutions, compile the answers, write up the step-by-step plans, and then create/format/illustrate/upload/promote your e-book yourself.

With nonfiction you do not entertain; you offer solutions to problems.



If you were going to invent something, wouldn’t you put all your energy and your intelligence and sweat labor into inventing something people actually needed and couldn’t wait to purchase?

Well, that’s what I do. In my opinion, nonfiction, self-help, “how-to-do-it-yourself” e-books will tend to sell better, longer, and at a higher price point than any other type of digital product.

Before you waste time choosing the wrong e-book to research, write, edit, publish and promote, follow these two simple rules to determine your best options by writing in your notebook answers to these questions and exercises meant to get the creative ideas flowing:


  1. Ask yourself: “What do I love to do?” The answers will lead you to consider what you’re passionate about in life, work, play and relationships. By being passionate about something, you’ll find the energy you’ll need to follow through on a subject long enough to dig up the information, compile, craft and distribute your work to others who are able and willing to pay for this information.
  2. Write down five 3-5 word phrases like “work from home” or “natural acne remedies” or “how to stop smoking fast” that relate to the things you love to do. Type them the way you speak them. Some will be winners, some will not. Your key to success is eliminating the keyword phrases that have low demand/high supply (that is, not many people looking for them and/or too many webpages competing for a high ranking on that particular keyword). Another factor in your decision making process will be how valuable your keywords will be. It’s nice to rank high in the search engine results for your keyword… but if no one is buying in that category or advertisers are not spending money on ads in those search results, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree with you e-book efforts and you’ll likely spend a lot of time writing an e-book that few people are needing. If they don’t need it they’re not going to spend money on it. And charging for your e-book is the only way you’ll make steady cash in this business.

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