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Free List: Promotional Websites To Promote Your New Kindle Book

Good resource for Kindle Book authors:

Created as a SlideShare post by, detailing very good ways to sell more books, get more exposure and increase pool of readers who will help share news about your published ebooks and paperbacks. Highly recommended.

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From Blank Index Card To Published Article In 24 Hours


Repurposing and reusing your own content is easy. Let me show you how easy it can be.

KDP-Self-Publishing-CvrThe other day I listened to a teleseminar on the subject. It made me wonder: “Would it be worth the time and trouble to create my own MP3 audio training report that could provide added-value for readers of my book?”

I scratched a few notes onto a blank 3″ x 5″ index card, then jotted down a few more ideas on the back.

I quickly drafted and recorded a 10-minute MP3 lesson on a subject from a book I published back in 2012, showing readers how to start their own home-based bookstore online. Here is the book I wrote about:



But the lesson was about how to write your book for different audiences. I’d realized after I’d published this book that I was missing out on sales because I’d overlooked including information to at least three audiences.  This experiment in offering updated information on my blog didn’t take long to produce.  The recording was a one-time take. I didn’t edit it, and I spoke off the cuff, referring to my double-sided index card during the recording.

I made the recording using a cheap telephone headset, utlizing recording software that came free with my laptop (found in Programs>Accessories>Sound Recording), and free WMA-to-MP3 software I downloaded from  (Note: Anything you record onto the laptop goes direct to WMA, Windows Media Audio. I had to convert it afterwards to MP3 so it would be easier to share online.)

After I’d uploaded the MP3 to my blog, I grabbed the index card and was ready to toss it into the trash… when I wondered: “Can I do something else with this?”

I thought I could.

Then, I did.

I jotted down “Post article to EzineArticles” as a reminder. I’ve had a lot of success over the past few years with the free article content I’ve published through

But, instead of procrastinating until the mood had faded and the urgency had been lost forever, I logged onto my EA member site later that afternoon and started writing. Their writing and editing interface is really good. You can write as you brainstorm and the publishing page saves what you’ve written as a draft while you type. I jumped around: Thought up a title based on keywords I wanted to target. A short 3-sentence introduction. Then I dropped down to keywords. Then even further down to my Author Resource box. Only then did I start writing.

What did I write about?

I wrote from what I’d jotted down on that little index card.

I looked at the few words I’d scrawled to remind me what to make my audio recording about, and then I started typing as the words flowed. When the words stopped flowing, I looked back at the index card, read the next couple words, and started typing again.

As I typed, a scenario that I used in sales calls 10+ years ago popped into my mind.

I wrote it down.


I turned the index card over and was reminded of three solutions to the problem I was explaining to my reader.

I wrote all three down.

I summed up the article. Fixed the two hyperlinks EzineArticles gives writers as payment in kind vs. a cash payout, then started editing.

It took all of 30 minutes.

But I didn’t publish it right away. I logged out. Let the idea stew in my mind all night, then into the next morning.

By late morning, I spotted that worn index card and remembered to log back into EA, do a final edit, and click on the ‘Publish’ button.

I logged out and figured I’d hear if the article was accepted in 2-3 days.

Let me tell you, I was surprised to get an email within the hour that my article had been accepted, was published, I had the link ready to share with anyone who wanted to read it (here is the article), and a message that my article would be added to their homepage within 24 hours.

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. I clicked through to the article: There was my smiling face; my article; my author resource links to my chosen landing page.

Done. Finished. Ready-made content.

All from a tiny little index card and a wild idea.

You can do this too. You can have a stack of these small cards sitting right next to your laptop or desktop computer, or in your pocket or purse. You can sketch out an idea you want to share with somebody, then record it, transcribe it or rework it into an article, and you’ll have all this at your fingertips:

1. An MP3 for sharing your idea (here is the MP3 lesson I created and repurposed into the EA article).
2. An article published for free far and wide — and likely to rank well for a few days on search engines.
3. Content for your blog, website, or social media platform.
4. ‘Lessons Learned’ content that you can share with readers, followers, potential propsects… and this is what you’re reading now — my lessons learned.
5. If you have your RSS feed from your blog linked into your Author Central page, a smidgen of your article post will show on that page too.
6. Once you have your article posted on one of your blogs or websites (hey, it’s my article, I’ll post it online for extra mileage myself!), then you have a new landing page to send people after a quick post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ — any place you are posted with hopes of being followed.

And that’s that. I didn’t post this to brag, I didn’t post this to try to get a cheap link to my published books and hope to make a fast buck (although I’m not above being cheap, nor hoping to make an extra sale here and there!)

No, I posted this to share how easy and simple this process was. It wasn’t even a process. It was simply an index card that turned into a published article in less than 24 hours. It’s free and easy to duplicate. Try it. You might be happily surprised of what turns up!

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Free Video: “How To Repurpose Your Kindle Book Content To Make More Sales”

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Change Your Amazon Author Central Page, Change Your Writing Life!

We still like these 7 simple steps you can take this week to improve your Amazon Author Central Page by yourself and start selling more Kindle Books! (First shared last Fall):

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Break down these tips into manageable, easy tasks, and do one each day. Enter them into your daily “To Do” list and you’ll have them done this time next week.

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