New Promotional Services Popping Up To Make Your Kindle Books Easier To Find

This past week there’s been a lot of chatter in writer’s forums about, which promises to make your books more discoverable.

The interesting part of this is that the website promotion got ahead of them building the website. It seems to be a little buggy (they admit they’re still ironing out the kinks).

Their promise: to help more readers find (and hopefully buy) your book. Your part in this: List your book for $2.99 each per year (currently as they are still in beta, they say they are allowing authors to list their books for free.)

In their own words, here is their basic goal: “The plan is to get ‘lots’ of authors to list their books and then use this list to attract ‘lots and lots’ of readers.”

I don’t know how successful this new website service will be. There is a lot of speculation surrounding it. I can’t tell if it’s justified or simply hype. I wish this website lots of success in helping new self-published authors gain new exposure and sell more Kindle Books!

Online services like this portend new types of promotional businesses aimed at authors in the coming years: making your books more discoverable; helping you promote your books on the cheap; perhaps assisting in getting more positive reviews (they state they don’t review books, but the extra exposure may get more eyeballs and just maybe, more reviews, according to their website).

Here is how they are describing their new service…

The word is out and we’re wanting lots of authors to come on board to join us!

We know how it is when you’ve written a book, got some good reviews and now you’re languishing, way down in the Amazon bestseller lists. So how are your books going to get discovered? Let’s face it, if you’re not on the first page or two, your next reader is not going to come from someone browsing the bestseller lists.

Indie book Discovery is looking to give readers a simple way of browsing books in the hope of finding something different. It’s hoped that with a good list of books, we’ll be able to position ourselves as ‘the’ place for readers to find their next book.

We want to offer authors a different approach to getting their books out there to be discovered. This is a level playing field where every author has an opportunity for a reader to find their books. It doesn’t matter:
where you are in the best seller lists (our lists are randomised),
how many reviews you have (you cant filter our lists),
how many social media followers you have (the plan is that we’ll attract readers),
how much money you have to spend (there’s no ‘diddling’ of the lists so some authors get to the top ahead of others)
how many books you’ve written (this shouldn’t affect your discoverability),
… even the premium/promotional offerings we have planned will be geared to give all authors a chance (super cheap and fair).

First things first, we want authors to register and list their books… then we’ll see about getting the readers! Come and join us!


Here is the list of their FAQS I’ve found while purusing their website:

Getting Started as an Author FAQ

How does this work?

Register yourself as an author and you’ll be able to add your books to the lists to be discovered.

So how do I register?

You need to sign up/in and verify your email before you can register as an author.

Registration requires:

Sign Up/Sign In

Verify email

Hit the ‘Author Registration’ button to enter your author details!

Sign In or Sign Up

Why should I register as an author?

Indie Book Discovery is a way to get your books noticed. It doesn’t matter where your books are in the best-seller lists, at Indie Book Discovery your books will be listed in a random order to be discovered/noticed by readers and book browsers.

As well as getting your books listed, you’ll also get to list your website and social networking links to aid in your online presence.

Who should register as an author?

If you have books listed on Amazon, you should get them listed on Indie Book Discovery.

What can I do once I’ve registered as an author?

Options are available from the ‘Admin’ menu option or your ‘My Profile’ page, or of course from your Author page.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE to register as an author and while we build our author/book lists, there is no cost to list a book (it’s FREE). However, eventually there will be a nominal book subscription fee, $2.99USD per book per year (about the cost of a single coffee).

What do I get when I register a book?

You get your books listed on a website to be visited by readers looking for books, providing another avenue for your books to be discovered. Indie Book Discovery makes it easy for readers to click directly to your book on Amazon … hopefully to purchase.

The plan is to get ‘lots’ of authors to list their books and then use this list to attract ‘lots and lots’ of readers.

There’s also social networking links to help your book be shared too!
Soon, you’ll also be able to see metrics of how your book is doing on the site (how many times it’s been seen, clicked, etc).

Do you do reviews?

No… but people who do reviews, readers, browse Indie Book Discovery book lists looking for their next book.

I’ll keep my eye on this service and post updates as it emerges from beta, and share observations of indie authors who are using it to publicize their books.