Pros and Cons Exist For Using A Pen Name

Using a pen name (“pseudonym” is the proper term) might keep your identity secret; but that doesn’t mean you won’t upset some people.

Here’s a forum where the subject of using a pen name when writing a non-fiction self-help book reveals stark differences of opinion that exist among authors.

I’ve always used my real name in my publishing projects.

I do have an old friend, though, who chose to publish under a pen name because the information he was wanting to release was in the industry he worked in at that time. Although most of his book was very generic, he did this to prevent his employer from accusing him of releasing trade secrets. (He didn’t.)

Here’s that link to the back-and-forth conversation between authors debating the reasons for and against using a pen name. Warning: some of the language can get pretty racy. Yet another clue that there are strong feelings among writers about the practice of using a pen name.